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Tax Preparation

Taxes. Can’t live with them or without. At our firm, we attempt to provide local East Texas individuals and businesses the absolute best chance at utilizing all 73,954 pages of the tax code to their advantage. In addition to preparing and e-filing your return, we also can help you be proactive before April 15 through strategy consultation and financial analysis, helping you to make wise decisions.

Here are some of the Tax Preparation services you may have need in:

  • Individual Return
  • Trust / Estate Return
  • Non-Profit Return
  • Partnership Return Corporation / S-Corp Return
  • Quarterly Sales Tax
  • Texas Franchise Tax
  • Payroll Tax (even if you do your own payroll)

Tax Preparation is a breeze through our online portal access. We can upload your client organizer and even receive your documents electronically for review. When we’re ready to e-file, you can sign the return and upload through your portal eliminating the need to even come by the office.

Want a second opinion? Bring in an already completed return, along with your original documents and we can see if there is a better way to file it.