From start-ups to established companies, businesses rely on accurate and insightful financial information to create a plan to maintain profitability and capitalize on new opportunities. Bill Hullum CPA’s team-based approach will steer you closer to these goals.

New Business Services

To simplify the business formation process for new and developing businesses throughout the area, our CPA firm provides the following services:

  • Entity selection and business formation
  • Business plan development
  • Loan assistance and support
  • Bookkeeping
  • Cash flow projections
  • New business consulting

Our goal is to simplify the start-up and development phases so you can focus more of your attention on growing your business.

We provide a consultation to select the right structure for YOUR company. Significant tax savings can be achieved based on the nature of your business and the structure of your company. Our goal is to help you select the right structure and then realize the tax savings each year going forward.

Our clients typically save taxes each year by using this two-step strategy:

  1. Choosing and maintaining the right type of structure (s-corporation, c-corporation, partnership or LLC) for your business.

  2. Implementing our ongoing quarterly tax planning services to secure the best possible tax position for the available benefits.

Many existing business owners throughout the area come to us with previously formed corporations or Limited Liability Companies (LLC), but are not taking advantage of the “built in” tax benefits. Effective tax planning and coordination, often puts money into your pocket.

We offer consultation to help you choose the right structure and ensure that you minimize your taxes. Call us to discuss your specific needs.

Existing Business Services

  • Is your business operating in the black with positive cash flow?
  • How much money did your business make last month, last quarter, last year?
  • What marginal tax rate is your company paying?
  • How much tax did you pay last year?
  • Are you current in filing all your required tax returns?
      • Payroll
      • Sales taxes
      • Franchise
      • Other county, state, federal returns required
  • Do you have any of the following issues?
      • Payroll
      • Employees
      • Sales taxes
      • Insurance
      • Receivables
      • Payables
      • Inventory
      • Banking relations
  • Do you have a business plan?
  • Does your business have a budget?
  • Does your business have a forecast or projection for the next year, two years, five years?
  • What business structure do you currently have and is there another structure that may be better?
  • Are you ready to buy or sell a business?
  • Do you want to make more money?
  • Do you want to pay the least amount of tax with a great tax strategy?
  • Do you need help setting and achieving goals?
  • Do you have trusted advisors to assist you in growing your business?

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